The Cute and Classy Pocket Chair

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Pocket Chair Design

In arranging a new interior design for your home or space, you must choose the best furniture too, right? This is because furniture is an important aspect of the space. Interior design is not only about the colors on the wall, but also about what thing that you bring in. That is why the creativity in mixing and choosing the best furniture is needed. When you are choosing the furniture the thing that you must consider about is the style. I believe you don’t want to choose something old fashioned for your home, right? Here, I will show you an awesome creation of Pocket Chair that might be can be a good consideration for you.

The Pocket Chair is a new cation from a studio with name DING3000. The chair will serve everything you need about the coziness and style. You can see how wonderful is this seat with its details. The seat is created with two different elements. The wood and leather are combined together to form it. The wood is used to make its legs. And, the leather is used to create the seat. Leather is so flexible, so it will give you the cozy position in seating. With its awesome combination of material and its flexibility, if the things that you try to find is something that can serve the coziness I believe this seat will be the best answer for you.

The awesome shape of the Pocket Chair makes it possible to be placed everywhere. T home, office, bar, even cafe can be wonderful to be combined with this chair. The brown color makes it seems warm and classy. I am sure that this seat will be awesome to be mixed with the modern interior design. Seriously, this unique and eccentric Pocket Chair will bring the luxury for your space. So, why don’t you try to test its coziness?

Pocket Chair Plan

Side View Pocket Chair Design

Smooth Detail Unique And Eccentric Pocket Chair

Unique And Eccentric Pocket Chair

Unique And Eccentric Pocket Chair By Ding3000

Gallery of The Cute and Classy Pocket Chair

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