The Different Sensation of Zebra Print Bedroom Ideas

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Zebra Print Bedroom Ideas Black Pillow Red Cushion Black Bed Frame

Zebra print bedroom ideas are always suitable for any theme of your bedroom. You just need to combine with the various colors. You can choose your favorite color to combine with zebra color. The zebra print usually suitable for the girly, minimalist and modern bedroom concept. Actually the base color of zebra color is black and white. In girly concept you can combine the base color with the pink and pink wall colors. Then, for modern concept you can combine the zebra print with the other zebra print stuffs there and the black or white stuffs. You can also find it in pink and black or turquoise and black or white and purple. Both of them are really stunning to be put in your modern, minimalist or girly bedroom.

Here I would like to give ideas in combining zebra color in girly zebra print bedroom and minimalist zebra print bedroom.

Let’s start with girly zebra print bedroom. In this concept you just need to combine with pink, purple, or the other light girl colors. The point is that the pink, black, and white is the base colors. You may to combine the pink wall with black, or just make it in stripes of light and shocking pink. You have to be smart and be careful in combining the color in order to get the best combination for your bedroom.

Then for the minimalist look, you can give the zebra print motives as the bed sheet and the pillow. The black wooden frame will be nice to be combined with this color. Then, you can put the white wool rug and for the floor you can set the pale wooden color in it. That will be fantastic. For the lighting, the simple shape of chandeliers or the sitting lamp will fit with this bedroom.

Zebra Print Bedroom Ideas Black Wardrobe Wooden Floor Minimalist Sitting Lamp Simple Mirror

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