The Ideas of Unfold Rubber Pendant Lamp from Muuto

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Blue Unfold Unique Rubber Pendant Lamp From Muuto

Making great design for a room is needed support from the furniture including the choice of the lamps. If you are in the need of lamps design, you may take a look at this site. This is quite different with other lamps design. We call it by unfold rubber pendant lamp. This is made by Muuto. As you see in the picture, the design of the unfold rubber pendant lamps ideas is quite unique and different. So, just have one of it and be the first who is getting great impression.

Moreover, as we said before, this pendant lamp created with industrial design in mind is a new creation from Danish design brand Muuto designed by Stockholm based designers Form Us With Love. Unfold, the rubber pendant lamp, is made from soft but strong silicone rubber and comes folded in a neat package. Modern and strongly coloured, the Unfold rubber pendant lamp is available in grey, black, blue, purple and yellow. It is completely nice color choice. The black color is so neutral. Or maybe, if you have your own style, you also can combine it with. It is quite flexible, so you can add more accent for it.

It is not only that, the new interpretations of the effective industrial design of lamps can play with form and materials to recreate a strong and bold design best suited for a modern and contemporary home. However, this particular design is light, durable and virtually unbreakable. Even we can say that the industry lamp is a classic, and sought-after design that we are excited to provide a new perspective on. Our interpretation of a the industry design classic comes in a refined material that gives the lamp a modern and warm appearance. The soft silicone rubber gives Unfold a modern and warm personality. So, are you ready to have it?!

Images Credit: Muuto

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