The Inspiration of Planting Texas Mountain Laurel

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Blue Violet Texas Mountain Laurel

Planting texas mountain laurel is nice idea to be true. However, the collecting of trees in a garden which have bunches of flower will be able to make our garden be more enchanting and interesting. And if you want to redesign your garden by adding such small tree with blue violet flowers, I think that Texas Mountain Laurel will be your best choice. You will see how it looks like from this post. Here we will show you six pictures of Texas Mountain Laurel which are so mesmerizing.

Moreover, as you see that this Texas Mountain Laurel plant is native to a large range of the desert southwest including Texas, New Mexico and Old Mexico. The Texas Mountain Laurel is a kind of slow growth plant. But it represent that the slow growth of Texas Mountain laurel means plants are more expensive. However, Texas Mountain Laurel is also known as Mescal bean. It is an evergreen small tree ranging from just a few feet tall to more than 30 feet. in height, although its usual height when it is getting mature is 10-15 ft. The dense, dark green and glossy compound leaves are composed of 7 to 9 shiny leathery leaflets which are rounded on the ends.

Meanwhlie, for the size of the planting texas mounting laurel are up to 2 inches or more long. It is thinning more gradually to the base than to the tip and also arranged along an alignment which is completed by a single leaflet. As you can see from the pictures that Texas Mountain Laurel has the bluish lavender flowers of this beautiful plant is in 3 to 7 in. And amazingly, the drooping bunches of flowers are very showy and aromatic. Besides, it also has the fruit which is a semi-woody shell with bright red poisonous seeds. The Texas Mountain Laurel needs special treatment to keep it growing as well. You should do regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep extensive root system.

Planting Texas Mountain Laurel

Planting Texas Mountain Laurel 2013

Planting Texas Mountain Laurel Detail

Planting Texas Mountain Laurel Flower

Texas Mountain Laurel

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