The J House with The Box Shape

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Back View J House Design By Isolation Unit And Yosuke Ichii

When we are talking about Japan, I will say that they love the modern architecture very much. Mostly of them create their home with the modern theme. It seems like a trend in this place. That is the reason for the Japanese designer to show their best in creating a modern home with the minimalist theme. And, if you have the same taste with them, I think you can just take a look at this J House. From here you will get so many ideas and inspiration in making a modern home. The design is also practical enough to be applied in your home.

The J House is a project that created by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect. They create this home for a family with three children. Takes place in the Kagawa, Osaka, Japan this home was created with the modern style with the lines patterns on its walls. With the box shape in the combination between white and grey, I believe that the modernity can be catch even from the first time we see this home. The interior design of this space is still covered by the white colors. The wood is used to make the floors and bring the warmness into this space. They grey line accents still used in the interior design as the additional accent of the space.

The furniture still comes with the white color that seems suitable with the overall design concept. This home also has the glass walls with the white frame in the edge. This glass accents have brought the natural light from the outside. The bathroom also uses the glass on the sliding door to divide the white bathroom with the modern furniture from the other spaces in this home. That is a very charming combination, right? So, have you get the ideas from this J House construction?

Bathroom Details J House Design By Isolation Unit And Yosuke Ichii

Bedroom J House Construction By Isolation Unit And Yosuke Ichii

Dining Room Details J House Construction By Isolation Unit And Yosuke Ichii

Entrance View J House Design By Isolation Unit And Yosuke Ichii

Front Door J House Construction By Isolation Unit And Yosuke Ichii

Gallery of The J House with The Box Shape

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