The Magic Bathroom Window Treatments to Create Your Own Privacy

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Sometimes people want to get the privacy. Running from the reality for a while and making their own space where no one can’t reach and disturb for a moment. But, we always stuck to the society where we almost impossible to run away. That’s why here I have posted a very simple way to make a secret place where the can hide, scream, and do whatever they want to do. Here, you can create it in your bathroom by applying these simple bathroom window treatments.

You will not need expensive stuff because the things you need are just your credit card, some frosting contact papers, Windex, and the cutter (can be a scissor or knife). And, here are the things you can do in making a DIY bathroom window treatment.

1. To begin this treatment, the first thing that you need to do is by cleaning the window of the bathroom. Dry it well until the cleaning process doesn’t left any stains.

2. Peel the surface and the corner of the window using the frosted contact paper. You don’t have to cut it off just to keep some money. Apply the paper carefully from the upper side until the bottom part and stick to the window.

3. Make the surface of the paper flat by using the edge of your credit card. In this way, you will get a good, flat, and smooth texture.

4. Because we use the large paper, I believe there is some extra paper on its surface. The next thing to do is cutting that extra paper by using the scissor or knife. But, I think the knife is a good decision because it will give you the better result.

After doing all of the DIY bathroom window treatments, it’s the time for you to enjoy the things you have done. This is the time when you can have a nice and comfortable relaxation experience with the high class of privacy.

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