The Modern-edgy Home with Double Garden

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Courtyard The Modern Edgy Home

If you care enough with the environment, I guess you must create your home with the Eco-friendly concept. Who says that choosing the design of the home like this is difficult? There are so many homes with the Eco-friendly concepts that created with the interesting and super modern design our here. And, might be the modern-edgy home like this awesome home can be a good inspiration for you and bring you many ideas.

The House 04 is a wonderful creation in the sunny area in Osijek, Croatia,. Created by Helena Alfirevic Arbutina this home comes with the modern style with the awesome relationship between the home and the environment around it. Just like what I said, this is an Eco-friendly home, right?

The home is using concrete as the min material with the combination color between white and brown with the strong modern style. The home is painted in two colors. The brown and white are perfectly combined here. The home is created with three different parts. The first part is a place where you can find the garage and bedrooms. And, the other part can accommodate the kids area. The main part in the middle is an area that will be used as the social area where you can welcome the guests.

This modern home has so many transparent part that can give you possibility to enjoy the pretty scenery outside. This white home is featuring wood accents and fireplace that will serve the comfortable atmosphere. I really love this home because it has man pretty “earthy” accents inside it. The pretty interior design with the beautiful and elegant stairs can bring the luxury into the home. The living room is so awesome. Very spacious and luxurious, but in simple form.

There are two garden in this home. The indoor and outdoor garden. The interior garden is created in small size with the white stones that you can enjoy behind the mirror wall. And, the garden outside serve the super large yard with the refreshing green grass. After taking a look at these pictures you will agree with me that this is an Eco-friendly sophistication house.

Eco Friendly Sophistication House Garden

Eco Friendly Sophistication House Shape

Eco Friendly Sophistication House Terrace

Entrance Modern Edgy Home

Fireplace Eco Friendly Sophistication House

Gallery of The Modern-edgy Home with Double Garden

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