The Most Popular Living Room Design

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There are many kinds of living room styles. Every homeowner can choose freely based on their style. Actually, there are two popular living room styles. Those are living room in country style and living room in modern style. Both of them have different characteristics. But, mainly the purpose is to beautify the living room and also make the living room comfort for the homeowner and also for the guest.

Living room styles in countryside

Now let’s discuss the living room in countryside. There are many ways to decorate in countryside. The color of the wall depends on the homeowner style and their mood. For the furniture you can choose any kind of furniture that gives the tone of earth and floral to get more impression of country look in your living room. You may choose pastels colors or colors in rust style. Then, you may use rough board up the wall for three or four feet and the rest of the wall can be used your chosen colors. For the floor you may use wooden floor than can give impression of country look. This living room style is unique and interesting.

Living room styles in modern side

The second style is modern side. Modern side is identical minimalist style. So this style is very easy implemented in your living room. Let’s start with the color of the wall. The color painted in modern styles is neutral color and light color. Then, for the floor is also neutral color and made from nondescript materials. And, for choosing the furniture, you may choose the geometric shapes of sofas and tables. Then, you can add artworks, books, vases and even candles in the living room to beautify the design. The space problem in modern style can be solved by filling the furniture.

Countryside or modern side have different characteristics, but both has the same purpose to make comfort your living room, and to beautify your living room. You may choose which one do you like.

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