The New Face of Shoebox Flat by KNQ Associates

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Black Shoebox Flats Singapore

Talking about the ugly old fashioned “shoebox flat“, this shoebox flats in Singapore can be one of them if you take a look at it before the renovation. So, common and seems so far from the expectation of special. But, now you will get shocked easily after seeing the new face of this building because it turns into the category of modern shoebox flats Singapore. It is totally different with the modern arrangement and contemporary touches from the glasses and many white touches to maximize the overall limited space that you can find here.

We must give the standing applause for the KNQ Associates because they had successfully changed this place into a brilliant and awesome area with the bright color. The color of blue, white, and small touch of yellow can successfully catch your attention and bring this place into the chic and functional look and finally comes into a great place for a woman with her mother who lives together.

Before it gets the renovation, it is just a common little apartment that can be found in all areas of Singapore. Well, small apartment has become a trend nowadays. But, with the bad arrangement this place seems so terrible and need to be fixed.

KNQ Created a white wall storage area with some cupboards that you can find in the lounge and bedroom. The found a solution for the small size of this apartment. They can make this small place seems bigger by placing and giving the magic touch of glass walls with the multipurpose stuff like as a bench to placing the shoes.

A utility area is placed near the kitchen comes with the new appearance into a wonderful work space. The small bedroom that used by the mother and daughter have two twin bed. But, don’t worry because it is separated by a wardrobe that also can give them privacy. The great mixture of color between blue, yellow, and white can change this home a lot.

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