The perfect Interior in Café au Lait

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Your apartment should be the perfect place to relieve your stress in. When you get off work or return from a tiring trip, I’m sure that you are craving for a personal space that is going to make you very comfortable and your apartment should be just that. To help you out, here is an inspirational interior idea that will calm your nerves: Café au Lait. It is said that this design can truly soothe you after a long day, the important aspect is furniture placement.

Inspired by the Bratislava apartment, you can freely apply Café au Lait to your apartment to create a cozy and relaxing vibe in your home, along with the right furniture placement. For this interior, the apartment size doesn’t really matter. If you can carefully arrange it in an overall suitable theme, your apartment will look as you’ve always dreamed, becoming a perfect living space. The window is set to create dramatic lighting and night view, and the other furniture pieces are customized in comfortable colors and features.

Café au Lait is designed to make you feel as peaceful as you can, in such an apartment space. The living room is the center of all. The wall is brown, while the floor is in natural wood. The big window on the side lets you enjoy the beautiful day scenery and dramatic night traffic. The couch creates a cozy feel in soft blue. The kitchen takes up very little space, just beside the living room. Finally, the navy bedding goes perfectly with the pink colored rug. The combination creates a unique room scheme. This interior looks absolutely awesome!

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