The Powerful Ideas of Wooden Mudroom Locker

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Amazing Wooden Mudroom Locker Ideas With Black Jacket And Blinds

Do you want to make your own wooden mudroom locker? May be it is a good idea for the expert. But, what about non expert? Is it possible in making wooden mudroom locker?! Don’t be worried. The IKEA will hel you. It is so simple, but you will get the best design of wooden mudroom locker,. So, it is not impossible thing anymore. Based on the picture, this is our mud room right after we moved in, it was not working for us. It’s a combo mud room/laundry room and is way to small for our family. From before until after, you will get the best idea in making wooden mud room locker.

However, the most important for the wooden mudroom locker is function it. In fact that, the mud room side thankfully is now working for us. I’ll show you what we did about a year ago, and it’s still working great. Since the room is narrow and most “pre made” lockers are wide at the base, none of the ones that I found online and in stores would work for us. If you want to make your own wooden mudroom locker, try the tips below. After you have the bookshelves where you want them, screw them together. So you have one large piece, it will help with stability. Also, the bookcases come with a pre cut notch in the back to make them lie flat against the wall, if your baseboard is taller than the notch you will need to cut the notch larger. It’s very important that they fit flat against the wall.

Then, the other tips for wooden mudroom locker is considering about the back of the bookcases that are just particle board, not strong enough to hold a coat hook. You will need to buy a 1×4 piece of wood and cut it to the width of the shelf and place it behind the bookshelf. Then you will screw your coat hooks through the back of the shelves and into that wood. Use the anti tip kit that comes with the bookcases so no one will try to climb up and pull the whole thing onto them.

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