The Roca Box, A Modern Modular Bathroom

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Aquabox Modular Bathroom Design

Making a unique bathroom with an uncommon concept like as a modular bathroom is always interesting. You know making something different like this always challenging because all part of this area must be prepared carefully to get the best modular bathroom cabinets. Clara del Portillo Pardo & Alejandro Selma Lázaro realize this very much when they created this awesome modular bathroom vanity cabinets.

This unique bathroom is very suitable for you who lives in a small area because this type of bathroom doesn’t need too much space. And, this bathroom is created in low price. So, you don’t have to pay too much money to bring this cute and small bathroom to your home.

The Roca Box modular bathroom is divided in four different parts. Every part is an independent piece that can be used individually or by forming it into a bigger space by combining all of the bathroom parts. The first one is the place where you can find a toilet, sink, heat pump and water tanks. Then, in the next layer (the second part), you will find the shower, a small seat and a pair of towel racks. For the next, we will go to the module number three where you can find the additional features such as the storage space and additional floor space. And, at the end is the place for the solid wall and door where you can give you the access to reach this bathroom.

With the ultra slim shape for each part that combined with the modern design, the bathroom will bring the simplicity and luxury touch behind the minimalist look into your home. The mixture colors between grey, brown, and white with the square form all sides of this area is so futuristic. The bathroom uses the warm from the heat pump to heat the room, so it is so Eco-friendly and can save the energy.

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