The Unique Square Railway City

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This railway city is coming from the brilliant brain of designer Jagnefalt Milton from Sweden. He brings this railway mobile city idea into a competition a few times ago. And, the unexpected thing is the judge appreciate this nomadic railway city idea very much with the plan to use the railways into a great home aspect and make the portable civic system.

This idea covers a city with all of the facilities that needed including hotel, pool, and many more that created in flexible boxes that can be moved easily using the railway. Very complete just like the common city out there, but something that makes this different is about the railway behind it. So, all aspects of this city is movable. Just push it, and it will move following the line on the railway.

The design reminds me with the modular concept. But, each of the module can be connected with the railway. So, awesome, right? Just Imagine in the future we can use every possibility to make an awesome creation. For example, this railway. If one day you find the useless ex railways, we can just apply this idea to make a new city there.

On the proposal, the city is designed with the modern and minimalist concept. It has the simple look without too much accent. But, it is still functional and interesting. Combined with the soft brown color the warmness can appear from it. All part of the city are designed in square form with the boxes. So, it is like a city with the moving boxes.
Don’t you think that this concept is so potential to be applied in the future. I hope, this idea is not only ended as a proposal for the competition, but it can help you answer abut the question of living area in the future.

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