The Way to Preserve Antique Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen is the hearth of the home. Many families have beautiful memory in their kitchen so that they will choose to preserve their kitchen than change with the new kitchen. Although they change the interior design of their home, their kitchens will always the same from time to time. When they use the kitchen furniture they will always try to preserve them by hook or by crook. Here, I will show you how to preserve the antique kitchen cabinets. Actually it is not difficult if you can follow the procedure.

First, repair and refinish.

Antique kitchen cabinets can be made from wood or from metal. The way to preserve depends on the make. Repairing, however, should be done whenever there is even a small requirement.

When you want to refinish the metal antique kitchen cabinets you should follow these steps. First, remove all of the drawers. Second, keep the screws carefully in a separate container. Third, clean the cabinets with a piece of a cloth. Fourth, the old paint on the cabinets should be removed with a paint stripper. Finally fifth, steel wool is to be used to burnish away the rusty patches followed by primer coating and painting.

Then when you want to refinishing wooden antique kitchen cabinets, you just need to do it by glazing or antiquing

Second, do the cleansing job daily.

The antique kitchen cabinets must be cleaned every day. The stains must be removed immediately with good quality stain removing solutions which are not harsh on marble, metal, ply, or wooden surfaces. You have to choose stains remover correctly. To make this furniture free from dust you should do vacuum cleaning.

Third, installing a kitchen chimney is a must.

If you are seriously to preserve your antique kitchen cabinets, you should choose the modern day kitchen chimneys which are built on auto-clean technology. The benefits are removing smoke and odor from the kitchen areas, and helping to keep the surroundings grease free to a significant extent.

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