Tips Feng Shui Living Room for Health and Happiness

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Applying feng shui design for our living room is based on many good reasons. In other word, feng shui living room is one of the great ideas to have comfortable living room. Feng shui takes big role for this feng shui living room. One good reason, the feng shui living room might help your family to live together in better harmony. Also, an important tool in achieving proper feng shui is the bagua map. The bagua map formalizes the elements and life influences of feng shui as they relate to the flow of chi. When the bagua is applied to a space, the center area (called “tai chi”) is the most important for health and spiritual balance. If your living room is located near the center of your home, then you are well on your way to promoting healthy chi. If your living room is located elsewhere, there are still things you can do to promote positive chi.

Then, just try several ways how to make your living room improve your health and happiness. Applying feng shui living room, it is better for you to avoid red color. Avoid the color red in your decorating, because red represents the element fire, which can create conflict and obstacles. Also, focus on the center. The center (tai chi) of your living room should be the focus of your healthy efforts. A low stone coffee table-the table is a symbol of health-will creates a central focus that honors the earth element favored by the Tai chi. if your seating is focused toward this table, you’ll create and inviting area that encourages conversation and good feelings.

Furthermore, feng shui living room for health and happiness should keep in green. Adding plants to your living room are a great way to promote healthy chi. Make sure any plants are kept healthy and green-remove any plants that are wilted or dying. A plant with yellow flowers would be a good addition to your living room table. And then, for next step, keep it clean. One of the central philosophies of feng shui is to remove clutter as a way to improve the flow of chi. Look around your living room and remove any worn or obsolete items. Try to put other things were they belong to streamline your living room.

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