Tips for decorating a small sized Apartment

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2014 Lighting Ideas For Small Apartment Living Room

Unlike most people think, decorating a small apartment is far more difficult that doing up a sprawling mansion. The reason being that a small, restricted space needs diligent space planning. A wrong move may make the apartment look even smaller.

The greatest luxury of all is to feel embraced by your surroundings, which is easier to accomplish in a small space anyway”, says Chicago-based interior designer Shea Soucie of Soucie Horner, Ltd.”

Here are a few tips and tricks to make a small apartment feel spacious and grand:

De – Clutter

Clutter can make even the largest of rooms feel chaotic and closed. Start by stashing away anything that you do not need. You will be amazed at the amount of dead space being wasted. Use creative solutions like wicker baskets, collapsible drawers and boxes to hide the clutter. A clean, clutter free room will look harmonious and in balance.

Choosing the paint colors

If you are planning on re-painting your apartment, it is a great idea to take a little time to think about the colors you intend to use and how they can affect the space. Some colors tend to reflect a feeling of spaciousness while certain colors can make a room feel boxed. Use neutral colors in lighter shades like creams, beiges and off – whites. Stay away from darker colors like dark browns, blues and black.

Add straight lines

Remember geometry? Straight lines give an illusion of length and width and work well in making a small apartment feel spacious. Incorporate straight lines in your décor by choosing carpets or rugs with bold stripes. The stripes should run across the widest part of the room to make it feel larger. Straight lines are easy on the eyes and add a calming effect without being too overpowering. You can also use straight lines to optically increase the height of the room. Hang your curtains from just a few inches below the ceiling. This will instantly heighten the room.

Bring in the light

Light is the key to making a small apartment feel spacious and grand. People often forget to budget for good lighting in the apartment in turn making it look dull and lifeless. See if you can change the lighting to higher watts. Indulge in ornate mirrors and place them across the light fixtures. Light reflected from the mirrors will fill the room with light. Let in as much natural light as possible. Do not block light sources like windows and opt for transparent glass doors where possible.

Make a floor plan

A small apartment does not mean small furniture. If you love the large dining table, go ahead and buy it, but plan the rest of the room accordingly. You can opt for ghost chairs with a large dining table to balance the large size of the table. It is a great idea to make a rough sketch of the floor plan and measure everything before you buy. Certain online tools like olioboard can make it easy to visualize.

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