Tips on choosing the right Bathroom Window Curtain

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Before you start decorating your bathroom, think about installing a bathroom window curtain. There are many designs, styles, materials and colors you can choose from. But there are also many factors and considerations that you should take into account.

First, you should consider the manufacturer of your bathroom window curtain. Second, the material, the fabric. Make sure that it will give you the needed privacy and that it’s water resistant. Your bathroom is likely to become damp, if not wet, so the material of the window curtain is highly important.

Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the right bathroom window curtain:

1. Generally the bathroom window is small. So, it’s better if you use short window curtains. Floor length curtains will attract mold and, besides ruining the entire look of your bathroom, they are not durable.

2. Select the best fabric for your bathroom window curtain. The best choice is a cotton fabric that resists humidity, but also dries quickly.

3. Choose the right color for your bathroom window curtain. You can use lighter shades to make your bathroom look bigger, or dark shades, to add a romantic touch.

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