Top Floor Apartment in Lilla Essingen

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Black Chair Beside White Sofa And Many Pillows And Unique Lamp And White Wall Also Brown Floor

Living in a top floor apartment has a few perks, like getting a marvelous view from above. Not to mention if you live near a river or lake, you get that watery-experience in an amazing scenery. This is the concept of this particular top floor pad, with a garage, that is located on the Lilla Essingen Island in Stockholm, with an amazing view of the channel.

This apartment has a total of 830 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms in a nice layout and it features a true artistic touch. You can buy it for $850,000. If you’re budget is a bit low, you can consider renting it for about $760 per month. This is worth considering just for the cozy and classy bedroom, connected to the terrace, which you could enjoy every single night.

The dominant color is white, which looks extremely great combined with the wooden elements. This can work well for various furniture materials like metal, wood and plastic. In the kitchen, metal based elements are featured in the kitchen island, garbage can and cabinets. Since the apartment is located near the channel – which means that the humidity is quite high – wooden flooring is the best option. Cool colors are also implemented to make the apartment look bigger and more spacious like pale white, ivory, light brown and light gray.

The design also combines traditional and modern elements. The kitchen, for instance, features wooden flooring with metallic cabinets and countertops. The mixture of silver, steel, brown and white delivers a nice combination of both rustic and contemporary ideas.

This apartment also comes with big, large glass windows, so you can easily enjoy the fantastic views and natural lighting that flood the pad.

Black Flat Tv On The White Wall Combined Creamy Floor With Wooden Material Also Black Chair And White Sofa

Brown Art Decor On The Glass Window And Double Size Bed With White Blanket And White Pillow

Brown Plate Of Fruit On The Circle Table With White Coloring And White Chair Also Gray Lamp

Circle Table With White Chair And Gray Lamp Also Glass Window And Wooden Floor

Comfortable White Sofa With Wooden Material And Wooden Table On The Wooden Floor Also Large Glass Window

Gallery of Top Floor Apartment in Lilla Essingen
red wall with ceramic material and creamy wall with two shower and oval white bathtub
brown plate of fruit on the circle table with white coloring and white chair also gray lamp
circle table with white chair and gray lamp also glass window and wooden floor
white apartment combined with orange coloring and glass material on the hall and beside the beach
silver cupboard with stainless steel material also white chair and white table and gray lamp
gray blanket on the white sofa and many pillows also with black chair and unique lamp hang on white roof
silver cupboard with stainless steel and white board on the ceramic wall with many tool kitchen
brown art decor on the glass window and double size bed with white blanket and white pillow
openend glass door with glass window and white wall also many art decor and white sofa
squared washbowl and unique faucet combined ceramics wall and stainless steel table kitchen and black blender
single bed with wooden material and blue bedsheet and white pillow also many dolls
black chair beside white sofa and many pillows and unique lamp and white wall also brown floor
comfortable white sofa with wooden material and wooden table on the wooden floor also large glass window
lamp hang on white roof combined circle table and white chair on the wooden floor
black flat tv on the white wall combined creamy floor with wooden material also black chair and white sofa
white pillows with gray pillow on the white sofa and black flat tv on the white wall
double size bed with gray coloring and white blanket also some white pillows and glass window
the river between green apartment and creamy apartment combined with white coloring and glass windows
modern oven with black coloring combined stainless steel table kitchen and unique faucet also silver cupboard
unique faucet and square washbowl on the stainless steel table kitchen with ceramic wall and white cupboard

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