Breathtaking Topo House with beautiful Scenery

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This breathtaking house is built in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Facing a beautiful scenery, this design was created by Johnsen Scamaling in a modern style. The rectangular shape and flat roof perfectly emphasize the minimalist style of the building. You will feel very comfortable in a house like this, you can enjoy an amazing view every second of the day.

The front of the house feature a large green yard with gorgeous fresh grass. The steel structure can be easily observed from this spot, along with the rooftop garden. So gorgeous, right?

The interior features an amazing kitchen with sophisticated furniture pieces made from stainless steel. The wooden flooring and white wall create a compact effect in the space. Every room features a glass wall to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery from every angle. In the bathroom and bedroom, the view is perfectly complemented by green elements like the bed and wall.

Breathtaking Topo House with beautiful Scenery

This natural looking design is perfect to complement the beautiful scenery surrounding the house. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like this? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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Breathtaking Topo House with beautiful Scenery
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