Trendy Bar and Cafe Design, a great Place to hang out

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A Man In The Cafe Bar Organize The Dining Desk And A Classic Bell Also A Long Grey Sofa With Some Pillows And The Plants In The Pot Too

Do you have a great idea for business? Creating a bar and cafe, for example? If you want to make it, here is a great bar and cafe design that will be perfect for business. So, make sure you take a look at the every image in detail.

Located in Budapest, this bar and cafe is named Városliget Café & Bar. Decorated with plenty interesting and beautiful art works, this bar and cafe design looks classic, yet elegant. The owner of this cafe wants to evoke the Hungarian city vibe in a classical era. To evoke this theme, this bar and cafe is colored in neutral hues like pastels and wooden colors.

Black is used for the ceiling and on one side of the wall. The ceiling is also decorated with classical photographs to accentuate the classical vibe of the Hungarian city. However, this cafe design also uses vibrant colors to add a modern touch. Green, is used on the sofas, bringing a refreshing sensation.

Moreover, calmness and warmth also appear in this cafe design due to the hardwood flooring. And the arrangement evokes a certain togetherness. When it comes to lighting, this cafe utilizes classical lamps and glass windows. To create an even more fabulous look the walls are decorated with fine arts.

So what do you think of this bar & cafe design? Would you consider using it for your own business or do you have another brilliant idea to perfect this kind of space? Tweet your thoughts!

A Woman Cleaned The Desk Bar With The Lots Of Bottle In The Rack And Classic Chair Also Some White Classic Lamps And Glass Pot On The Desk Too

Antique Cafe Bar With Lots Of Wood Chair And Black Roof With Lots Of Picture In And Some Of Plants Also The Wood Floor Too

Cafe Bar With Pictures In The Black Roof And Wood Floor With Classic Chair And Black Desk

Cafe Bar With Wood Desk And The Glass For Drink On Also Lots Of Wood Chairs And Wood Floor With Classic Black And White Lamps

Dancing Theme Wallpaper And The Green Chairs With A Wood Desk And The Paper Decor On The Top Also A Classic Bird Cage Too

Gallery of Trendy Bar and Cafe Design, a great Place to hang out
cafe bar with pictures in the black roof and wood floor with classic chair and black desk
dancing theme wallpaper and the green chairs with a wood desk and the paper decor on the top also a classic bird cage too
white plate and the knife with two fork in the classic desk also two glass for drink
three green sofa with wood desk and wood unique rack also a paper as a decor on the desk and pictures in the wall
varosliget cafe bar with classic design and the marmer levels with classic decor and a blue bicycle and wood cart
a man in the cafe bar organize the dining desk and a classic bell also a long grey sofa with some pillows and the plants in the pot too
a woman cleaned the desk bar with the lots of bottle in the rack and classic chair also some white classic lamps and glass pot on the desk too
some of plates and knifes on and the forks also crystal glass in the sunset view of the cafe bar
antique cafe bar with lots of wood chair and black roof with lots of picture in and some of plants also the wood floor too
cafe bar with wood desk and the glass for drink on also lots of wood chairs and wood floor with classic black and white lamps

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