Trendy Place as Your Zombie Fortress

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Battle Ready Zombie Fortress

This building might be seemed like a zombie fortress for you. And, perhaps this is the main idea that has brought by French urbanist Le Corbusier to create this zombie fortress house. Even so, this modern zombie fortress house can be so interesting to discuss because honestly I never think about something like this before. For me, something like this is new.

The overall design of this The UnitĂ© d’Habitation is perfectly reflecting this idea. The area on the first floor on the ground is very empty and seems like it has many legs. So, if the zombie wants to see you they must come to the first level on the upstairs. So, it will be your first defend to the zombie. Then, the building is created in strong concrete material. I guess, this is the second defend to the building.

Each room is created in full color block. Every unit is created independently with the shop, pool, hotels room, and many more. Each unite has their own terrace as a spot for the owner to enjoy the view or just to get the fresh air. From the outside, it seems like many square blocks that arranged to forming a building. You can also find the jogging track in the outside of the building.

Don’t you think that this place can be an amazing. A new and modern way to help you save from zombie. So many projects in Europe bring the same theme to their creation. But, only few of them that finally make it real. Some amazing project design has more complicated strategy about having defend of zombie, but I guess this building is interesting because they still think about the style, design, and another important aspect of architecture. Very modern design with trendy arrang

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