Twisted Cabin by JVA

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Have you ever imagine spending your whole time in a cabin? It is not usual cabin. You can call it twisted cabin. It is exactly twisted log cabin that is so comfort. Just like having a house in the, middle of a farm, this cabin is being a special cabin.

It is made by woods, wholly woods. So, you will feel warm in the cold weather. Also, you will feel comfort in hot weather. It is just a comfort cabin to stay. On a high the mountain, 1000m above the ocean and close to the ski slopes, the cabin reflects the contours in the terrain to make room for a large family on holiday.

It is not only that, the cabin has seven floor levels connected differently to the surrounding terrain and these levels give various internal and external views. Meanwhile, the facades and roof is cladded in larch wood, and the whole interior is mainly in oak wood to give a warm feeling in the wintertime.

May be the cabin is not too wide, but in fact, you can do every of your activities here. Then, the interior design is made from woods too. It is just the same with the furniture that made from the woods. So, everything is woods. You will have comfort cabin to stay and to live. Then, what are you waiting for? If you have money to spend, just build a cabin like this. Or just have it one to be your property. This cabin will make you to be a different man inside. If you want a quite place, this is a right place to choose. You do not need to worry, although it is suit to built in a quite place, but surely you have to find a safe area. So, you can spend your vacation in full of experience here.

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