Two Boxes in A LA House in Brazil

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Amazing Kitchen LA House In Brazil

Modern home seems like it becomes the hottest topic to be discussed. So many unique creation come from the talented designers. Another modern home is coming from Brazil. This home comes with the unique shape and structure. It seems like two blocks with a block stand on the top of another one. Cute, right? Besides that, the LA House in Brazil also comes with its perfect modern decoration. Want to know more about this home? Just take a look closer to this awesome modern home. And, the pictures will speak more.

The LA House in Brazil is taking place in the middle of Londrina, Brazil. As we know, this area has a good climate and weather. This home is created with the modern arrangement. Mostly, concrete is used as the main material. From the outside, the home seems like it is divided into two different area. The lower and the upper floor that have been represented by the white and brown boxes that become the main form of this home. With the 410 square meters of size, this home has been finished in 2009. Actually, the overall look from this home is so simple. The strong lines and simple form without too many accents.

The interior design of this home is covered by white color on the walls. It seems very clean and spacious with the black furniture that can be found in many places. The yellow table on the kitchen brings the freshness on this area. A super comfortable living room is created with the modern architecture. The living room and swimming pool in this home is divided by the super big windows that created from the glass. The bedroom is coming with its modern concept. I love the red accent on the wall and the white rug. It seems so comfortable and warm. I really love all the things inside this LA house with traditional partition.

Bathroom Details LA House In Brazil

Bedroom LA House In Brazil

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Furniture Details LA House In Brazil

Interior LA House With Traditional Partition

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