Ultramodern Bedroom for Modern Royal Family

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Classic Ultra Contemporary Bedroom Design

Everything can be a source of idea including what can you see inside these ultramodern bedroom. Do you ever imagine that this ultramodern bedroom designs is created with that basic idea from the royal bedroom for the queen and king in the castle. This ultramodern castle bedroom can bring the new style of the common or classical royal bed.

This striking bed might be surprising for some of us. This bed is coming with the rich pattern and futuristic form. Even it comes with the modern theme, but the luxurious atmosphere is still strong. With the modern metallic color that combined wiht the strong lines, this bed can bring the modern royal family into the best dreamy night.

This wonderful creation from Karako has two small cabinets under it as the place to keep your stuff. Besides it, it also has the pulled out table and mirror that can be used any time you need. So, this bedroom is mostly like a compact functional bed with many important furniture under it..

Yoou can see on the top of this bedroom you will get the unique floating accent that seems united with the bed and roof. Actually, it is inspired by the Biblical Tree that created in moden and abstract form. This abstract tree will cover all sides of the bed beginning from your head until your foot. It seems like a floating metallic valance.

To get the best look, you can be combined it with the empty space that fully painted in grey color without too much accent. Just like what you can see in the picture, this bedroom seems perfect with the additional lighting in the topside of the metal valance. You can see the metallic valance is so striking, so let it comes as the main point of the bedroom. Placing too much accent will make the room comes crowded.

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