Unique and Original Creation inside The Floating Bed

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Aqua Platform Floating Bed

The trend in the architecture finally can make the designers think very hard about how to survive by making a good creation that suitable with the customer taste. And, finally the awesome new creation will appear to answer this challenge. Another great creation that will be shared today is the unique floating bed. Very interesting, right? You will be surprised to see this awesome Letto New Air. This product is a creation of a talented designer Daniele Lago. He introduced his unique creation on the Milan Design week a few times ago. After taking a look closer at this bed, you will find the interesting part of this bed.

Of course this bed doesn’t float for real. Actually it has the legs to support it and hold the bed. But, what makes it float if it has legs? Actually, the legs are created with the transparent surface, so the Letto New Air can look like it floats even actually it doesn’t float for real. At the end, it can result an awesome bed with the elegant and modern look. The bed seems modern because it is created with the color combination that mostly used in modern theme such as black, blue, and pink. The simple shape without too many accent also makes it more minimalist and perfect.

The Letto New Air has a unique head board that comes with the unique shape. It seems like two blue blocks stand together above your head and forming a pretty look for your bed. This bed also has a cute shelf that united with the bed. It is placed in the corner of this black bed. This shelf is not only used as a shelf, but also as a table. And, of course it seems like it is floating too. I personally think this floating bed with book storage must be appreciated well because it serves the originality besides its unique design. So, do you agree me?

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