Unique and Rich Color Pattern on Map Cushions

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Bearded Pigeon Map Cushions

Ideas can come from everywhere and appear in many shape and form. Not only nature, but anything can be a source of inspiration. And, this unique cushion comes with its awesome creation and design. You will be surprised to see this wonderful design with the idea from an unexpected thing. The map. Here, the boring picture of regions can be changed into a pretty thing. Well, just like what we can see that the human ability and creativity can change everything into a beauty. The map has a new face in this map cushion right now.

All of these creations are created by a corporation from Australia. They bring the unique touch on the vintage style that combined with the modern details. The Map Cushion is created with the map of some awesome and famous places that have been a favorite lace to be visited for so many tourists and traveler. I guess it can bring you travel there without have to move anywhere. So, you must not go to those places, but those places come to you. The Map Cushions is created with the cheerful and bright colors. They designer doesn’t give another additional details into this cushion because the picture of map has beautified the cushions without have to make another additional details. So, it will have the rich color combination just like what you can find in the common map.

These cushions can bring you travel into some cool places such as Paris, Chicago, New York, London, Sydney, and many more without have to pay the plan ticket. The awesome design of these cushions makes it possible to be combined with the modern arrangement. You don’t have to put too much color to the room because these pillows are rich with patterns and colors. Even it is so simple, but the overall combination of this vintage map pillows collection can result a uniqueness with the luxury impress to the room. You can bring it into your home with only $ 50,81 of price.

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Gallery of Unique and Rich Color Pattern on Map Cushions

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