Unique Bathroom Fixtures For Playful Modern Concept

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Bathroom Fixture Set Designs

When making a new bathroom, you should find the best bathroom fixtures with the great shape that can support the main theme you have and can be placed perfectly in your bathroom, right. For an elegant bathroom for example, you should find the best luxury bathroom fixtures to bring the luxury in. And, here we have some example of luxury small bathroom fixtures that can be placed in your small bathroom. You will find so many pretty stuff with the luxurious and cute shape that can give the pretty accent in your bathroom.

Althea Ceramica comes with the pretty design of 60’s spirit. With the unique shape without strong lines it has something hat we call as beauty. Many of them are created in white color. Your imagination can play here to find the best arrangement and color combination to fill the room. You can see many of the bathroom picture here use bright color, but still seems modern, right. It means modern doesn’t only about white, black, or grey. Bright colors can play.

Basically, the furniture here comes with modern shape that can be combined in modern theme bathroom or might be modern bathroom. The white furniture that used here is so flexible and have the possibilities to be combined with many kinds of arrangement.

The metal accent shows the modernity. I like the sink, it has many shapes with the unique modern metal tap. The metal accent of the tap makes the sink seems trendy and stylish. All of them here have the clean impress as the final result. Very unique, cute, modern without too much accent. The square form from these products can represent everything. The style, function, and also act as the decorating item to beautify the room too. All of this arrangement makes the room seems large. But, I guess it needs more storage space.

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