Unique Brick Pattern on The Beautiful and Cozy Apartment Design

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2013 Beautiful And Cozy Apartment Design

Staying in a big city means you will have a new problem with the cost to get a home to stay. Well, in a big city, they are so expensive. Another great option that can be chosen is staying in the apartment. Actually, this is not only about the money. It’s all about the lifestyle. Staying in an apartment is a trend in the modern era like this when the problem about the land and home are getting crucial. So, here we have a beautiful and cozy apartment design that can inspire you to arrange your apartment.

Minsk, Belarus is an awesome apartment with a unique loft design. It is a creation of a talented designer from Russia, Uglyanitsa Alexander. Here, the designer has created a wonderful modern design that has broken the rules. Why do I say so? This is because this apartment is so different from the other modern apartment. You will never find the minimalist decoration with the concrete and grey, black, or white color as the main element. Here, he uses the bricks, wood, and another brown materials.

Mostly, this place is colored with the brown. Just like what I said, the brick and wood are taking control here. These materials finally make the apartment seems natural and warm. Even so, the modern touch from the metal as the accent is still dominant. Combined with the glass accent in the super big window, the apartment finally seems very open. This is because the glass window makes the apartment united with the environment outside. You will see the awesome green yard from the window that also brings the natural light into the room.

Another accent can we get from the furniture. The details of the furniture bring the unique accents into the apartment. The green, red, and blue color in the furniture and sofa make the apartment live and cheerful. It makes the apartment with mix wood, bricks, and concrete more beautiful and impressing.

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