Unique Flinstones House with Stone Atmosphere

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Bathroom Details Romantic Flinstones House

When I am saying about coming back to the past, living on the Stone Age and have a life like just like what we always see on The Flintstones, I believe no one of you can imagine about that. But, that might be the only thing that really wanted by the famous, Dick Clark. I guess he really wants to try something different and unique that more than our expectation. He has created his own Flintstones House that will suddenly make you feel the atmosphere of the Stone Age when mostly people lived on the cave. So, let’s rock with this house!

The brilliant idea of this Malibu Romantic Flintstones Retreat House is coming from Architect Phillip Jon Brown. Here, he creates this home in Malibu. Just like what we can see, this home I created following the Flintstones house style with the stone atmosphere. Of course this home doesn’t only serve that, but including the wonderful view of the Flintstones house. So, you will get tree different scenery inside this outstanding house with its super big area of 23 acre. At the first, you might think that this home is made from the stone. But, let me tell you a secret. Actually, this home is using the combination between the concrete and light materials that painted with the stone color. The architecture of this Flintstones House is using the irregular form to make the stone look of this home seems natural.

The interior design of this Malibu Romantic Flintstones House is combined with the furniture that colored with the stone color to make the stone element come stronger. There are so many accesses for you to enjoy the wonderful that shown outside no matter on the bedroom, living room, even on the kitchen. I really love the garden outside with the green grass and plants. The landscape is very perfect and seems so romantic. The other thing that I will show you is about the wonderful and perfect lighting that can make this house shine and seems romantic in the night.

Bathtub Romantic Flinstones House

Bedroom Details Romantic Flinstones House

Bedroom Romantic Flinstones House

Closer Dining Room Romantic Flinstones House

Dining Room Romantic Flinstones House

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