Unique Garden on The Wall of Contemporary Green House

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Amazing House Lisbon Contemporary Green House

I believe you will have a big problem when you love to do gardening will have a big problem when you decide to stay and live in the city. This is because you will find the crucial problem about the space. Here, the space you have will be limited because of its expensive price. So, you have to forget your interesting hobby about gardening. But, after you take a look at this surprising home, you will find a very smart way to fix this problem. This contemporary greenhouse has its smart way to bring the garden in your small size of home.

The Travessa de Patrocinio is the name of this cute home. If you are asking about the creator, I will say that Luís Rebelo de Andrade, Tiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal are the smart people behind this pretty project. They create this very wonderful modern home with its super unique garden in the wall. Yeah, this modern home with the modern Mediterranean style is covered with the garden in its walls. You will find 4500 plants on the wall of this 100 square meters building. Very uncommon, but so interesting because of the vertical garden. Very challenging place to do gardening, right?

The interior design of this place uses the modern arrangement with the minimalist style. This home mostly uses the white, grey, and black as the main colors that finally combined with the wood accents in the wall, floor, and furniture. The home has simple arrangement without too much accent that also be combined with the glass walls and metal accents. All of them can bring the spacious impact into the home, so it seems bigger and clean. In the top of this four floor home, there is a roof where you can relax yourself, get the fresh air and enjoy surroundings. Each level in this home is linked with the wood stairs with the others. Honestly, I think this Mediterranean décor for greenhouse is a smart way to bring the garden in the super limited space of modern home.

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