Unique Housing Complex With Brown Bricks

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Aware Housing Complex New Orleans Multi Family Housing Project

Nowadays, housing complex has become a new trend in many places. But, creating something like this is not as easy as it seems because a small mistake in housing complex designs can be a big problem. The multi unit housing complex that will be discussed today can be so practical for you who have any idea to apply it to your home.

This cute home is coming from Anagram Architects from India with the picture by Asim Waqif. For me, this project is unique because it is created to face the density problems that commonly happened in the edge of a big city.
Based on the trend nowadays, the home is created in modern style with the great combination between concrete and bricks. Here, you will find a perfect combination between the white painted walls, grey color, and bricks that arranged in the other side of the wall.

Combined with the brown wood touches and mirror window as high as the floor until the roof, this home is totally covered in modern style. The combination between wood on the gate and pretty brown bricks in the wall is so united and seems perfect from the outside.

The black steel accent in the balcony gives the modernity to the home and make it seem more stylish. I love the main shape of the home. It seems like so many boxes arranged in one place irregularly. Very stylish without seems crowded. And, the small yard around it with the green grass gives the freshness to the home.
But, even this house is created with so many glass accent, I still think that this home is too dark. It can’t maximize the natural light usage to illuminate the room. I have no idea about what makes this home seems dark, but the darkness of this home makes it comes mysterious.

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