Unique Modern Triangular Home

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Dutch Triangular Home

Triangular home is always interesting because it has uncommon look from the unusual shape. If you are wondering about the triangular home designs, here we have a great and of course very practical home concept. Well, as we know, we need different plans in making a triangular shapes home. I guess, this is so challenging.

I believe you will love this home very much. This Dutch home is created in unique triangular shape with the brick elements in the wall. Actually, this home has the common concept about traditional dutch home. But, overall of the home has unique appearance. I guess Baksvan Wengerden has successfully built this pretty home with the outstanding ideas.
The sloped roof of the home is created in triangular shape too. The room has become the main point of the home. The shape makes this roof comes striking. It dominates the home.

Besides the bricks, this home is created with the concrete as the main material. It is fully painted in white color. This color gives the luxury to the home with the brown accent on the stairs. The interior design is dominated in white with soft brown and black accent from the furniture. It is also arranged in modern style to show the urban lifestyle of the owner. I love the contemporary furniture. So perfect with the main concept. The overall combination creates the simplicity and clean impress to the room. Very simple, minimalist and modern.

In the other side of the wall, it has glass wall that created facing the garden. This wall can bring the freshness to the home with the green touch outside. This is a great way to bring this home united with the nature because it brings the connection between the home and the yard and green area. So amazing, right?

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