Unique Rooftop sheds for The Winter Atmosphere

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Dezeen Rooftop House In Yamasaki

Rooftop sheds of this place is so interesting. Why? Because the rooftop garden sheds that I am talking about is created in unique shape and material. This Japanese home has a cute flat roof garden sheds that can bring the beauty to the home.

A pretty home in Hyogo Prefecture of Japan comes with an uncommon roof. It has a unique transparent roof that can bring a lot of sunlight into this home. The smart designer from Tato Architects uses it because of the location of this home can’t get enough sunlight in the winter. That is why two transparent roof are chosen to fix this problem. One part of the shed is created with the opaque walls to give the privacy for the owner in the upstairs where you can find the guest room. This home is created for a small family with two growing kids.

The sheds were made with the shape that reminds us with the greenhouses. It also has the polycarbonate walls that give the possibility for the sunlight illuminate the first floor. You can also find a study room and bathroom in this floor with the latter protected that will protect you from the UV.

Mostly, the home is painted in white color. I can feel the winter atmosphere here with the small warmness touch from the wood. The soft brown wood in the floor gives the different atmosphere, but still balance with the winter theme. You can see this place shines in the night when the lamp is turned on. A small garden outside this home makes everything perfect. Very small, but it can give the different feeling to the overall home. And, it seems united with the roof. It seems like you only need to take a small step to reach the ground from the rooftop.

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