Unique Style Inside Apartment In Chelsea NYC

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Chelsea Steampunk Apartment Design

If you are looking for an apartment in Chelsea NYC, this cute apartment can be the best one to be chosen. I guess this place will be the best model of luxury apartment in Chelsea NYC. Well, this home comes with the unique steampunk aesthetic design with the warm atmosphere of the wood. With many stuff that act as the accessories in many side of the entire room, this place is totally different. It brings the other image of steampunk.

The first thing that you can see from this place is “brown”. Almost 80% of the total area in this home had designed with the great accents of the timber brown with the other unique accent like as the blue vat. All part of this 1800 area had been created from the recycled industrial tools and stuff with the vintage machinery to give the atmosphere of time machine or the other feeling of unique submarine. Might be, it seems like a dream place of the insane mechanic.

One of the best thing from this rocking place is the awesome 32-foot-long zeppelin-shaped lamp that beautifully placed in the roof. This lamp was created with the programmable LEDs to produce the uncommon glow for this uncommon home. But, trust me that seems so perfect with the whole interior concept.

In the main bedroom, you will find a steel skeleton that seems like a frame. Again, this place is totally covered with the brown accent with the grey color of the boxes in the wall that act as some storage area. A long yellow lamp on the wall gives an uncommon atmosphere and can successfully make the main concept getting stronger.

But, you will find another thing in the bathroom. Well, this area is created in modern design to give the contrast to the other concept outside. I think this house has perfect lighting. You can also find it inside this bathroom with the pink lamp on the roof.

Going to the terrace, you will find the wood element again. the tree-lined terrace makes this place perfect with many contrast between modern, conventional, and steampunk.

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