Urban and Simple Style Inside Berrima Zen House in Singapore

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Berrima Relaxing House In Singapore

Modern home seems like a hottest trend in architecture nowadays. Many designers are interested to use this theme in their project. This is because the modern theme is so flexible to be combined with another aspect and elements. The simplicity inside this theme is possible to stand besides another theme and mixed into a perfect combination. Beginning from minimalist until classical furniture and accent with their simplicity or luxury, everything is possible to be combined with this theme. And, the designers of this home brings another uniqueness into this modern home. They have mixed the modern and minimalist concept into this Berrima Zen house in Singapore.

This home is a wonderful project from Park + Associates. Takes place in the middle of Singapore, this home is totally suitable and can perfectly represent the modern and urban lifestyle of Singapore. Here, they make the modern theme striking by using the colors that can represent the modernity such as white, black, brown and grey. Mostly, this home uses the concrete as the main material of this home. Besides it, the wood and glass are also dominate. The wood is used on the floor to give the warmness into the house. And, another accent in the windows with the super large glass (from the floor to the roof) comes with the super modern look with the trendy black frames. This home uses a lot of glass to replace the function of the concrete in some walls. So, here they can bring the natural light and serve the awesome scenery around it.

Outside this home, there is an outdoor swimming pool with the pretty scenery around it. It also has the comfortable terrace where the owner can enjoy the fresh air and a little fishpond. You will love the garden outside it because it can successfully bring the freshness into this home. I think the Berrima relaxing house in Singapore is not only relaxing, but also cozy and refreshing in the same theme.

Berrima Relaxing House In Singapore By Night

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Elevation Plan Berrima Zen House In Singapore

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