Urban Cubism Flat With the High Class Privacy

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Concrete Urban Cubism Designs Architecture

Japanese people always bring the unique idea, including this urban cubism. Urban cubism designs that you can find in this building is so shocking. I just never imagine about the real urban cubism designs apartment with the real cubism shape. Very excellent, right?

A studio from Japan VIDZ Architects just finished a new project of apartment in Kyoto. This awesome building is created with five levels with the real cubism. Even it is built in the main road of Kyoto where you can find all of the complicated things and the noisy, but this apartment serve the real privacy for the owners.

Comes with concrete as the main material, I think we don’t need to ask about the strength. Every block has its own balcony and all balconies are together. So, it seems so unique and playful. Even the windows, all are created carefully to get the privacy. The glass windows with the wood frame are created hidden the concrete wall.

The building has the main office on the top floor. This office has a great balcony with the awesome city view. So, you can get the best spot to enjoy the view in the office balcony. This pretty building has two types of apartment. The first one is the apartment with the smaller size that has been finished in 2000. And, the second type is finished in 2007. To link both of them, the building also has the modern concrete stairs. This stairs also can give the modern look to the overall design. So, this building seems more modern.

After you step in, you will find the luxury behind the modernity. The interior concept is created with the luxurious concept. With the combination of wood element from the floor and luxurious hanging lamp, this awesome place seems like a castle.

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