Urban Penthouses on The Top of Building

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Hedonistic Rooftop Penthouses

All of this photos is about the urban penthouses that takes place in the middle of New York City in the United States. Don’t you think that all of this place seems like the perfect urban penthouses? Honestly, I really want to move in one of them because I think these places can be a perfect NYC urban penthouses and the best living area in New York.

You know, when you decide to live in the top of building just like these places, you will get many advantages. The first, you will get your privacy because you are on the top, right? Then, forget about the noisy and the crowded situation of the city. And, in your own condo here, you will get your own backyard and patio.

Do you find the film-location scout Nick Carr here? Because I do. A very modern white condo in the topside of the building. I think this is so amazing. It will be more interesting if we can see the interior design from each condo, but I am sorry we can’t.

The houses here are built in many kind of arrangement. Beginning from modern and minimalist design that very suitable for the citizen with the modern lifestyle until the traditional home with the bricks wall until the luxurious home. But, you will find the same thing from all of the buildings. It is on the top of building. Little bit weird, but unique right? All of this places is located in the middle of Manhattan and Brooklyn, a very awesome area and can be a dream area for some people. Well, another thing that you can get by living in this type of home is you are free from flood. And, just enjoy the city view from the best spot of the building.

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