Wallpapers – a Trend to watch out for in 2014

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If you believe that wallpapers are a trend that belonged to the bygone era, then think again. Wallpapers in beautiful textures, bold graphics and a wide range of patterns are all set to make a grand comeback as a trend for interior decor this year. So, if you are in the process of remodeling your home or just thinking about refreshing your walls this summer, you should consider using wallpaper.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Getting started with wallpaper

Wallpapers have undergone a tremendous transformation and are available in an array of new and improved selections. Wallpapers can add dimension, depth, pattern and texture to a room unlike the trusty old can of paint. When choosing a wallpaper, consider the wide range of different qualities available. Pick vinyl coated ones for the bathroom and washable wallpaper for high traffic areas in the house. Grass cloth is no longer limited to the kitchen and is a neat way to add a natural texture to your room.

How to choose a wallpaper

Once you have picked a quality to suit your needs, focus on the design range offered. Create harmony in your room by choosing a pattern that balances the existing décor. Mix a striped wallpaper with floral upholstery for a trendy contrast. Create an accent wall with embossed wallpaper that adds depth to the room. Many companies also offer to customized wall paper in the same color and print as your upholstery. This lends an elegant and exquisite touch especially with toile and chinoiserie prints.

Get creative with wall paper

If you are unsure about the trend, it is best to experiment with wallpaper on one section of the wall to create a focal point and then grow into the trend. Wall paper on the ceiling is a trend to watch out for in 2014. Give your glass door cabinets a fresh look by papering the insides with patterned wallpaper in cheerful and bring prints. Hanging wallpaper on all four walls can brighten up a small space like the powder room and give it an elegant touch. Add a statement to your bedroom by papering the wall behind the bed in a bold graphic print.

Hanging the wall paper

Installing wallpaper can be a tricky task. It is best to ask for help from a professional. Wallpapers are packed as rolls and it is important to match the seams when papering a large wall and this can get confusing. For a seamless look, involve a professional. Also, the walls need to be prepared well in advance to properly install a wallpaper. It will not adhere to a textured wall and you may end up with a lot of wastage. It is best to use wallpaper on a big square or rectangular wall. Wallpaper can be an expensive proposition so, it is best to take caution.

Wallpaer on the ceilingDraw attention to your ceiling with wall paper.

tropical-mural-wallpaper-designsAdd a statement to your bedroom with wallpaper behind your bed.

old-design-eclectic-bathroom-design-ideas-890x855Apply a vinyl coated wallpaper in the bathroom to avoid damage by steam.

White-Flower-Printed-Wallpaper-WithAdd pattern to your décor with a cheerful wallpaper.

cool-floral-wall-design-and-big-mirror-also-floor-lampWall paper can help create a focal point.

Soggiorno-Singapore-3d-wall-decorUse a textured wallpaper to add depth to the room.

white-sweedish-bedroom-details-tiny-apartment-interior-design-ideasWallpaper in a small area can brighten up a room.

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Wallpaer on the ceiling

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