White Luxury Apartment of Tel Aviv

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Art Exibits White Luxury Apartment

The white seems like a favorite color for the apartment. Might be this is because white has its own class. And, this color also will bring so many advantage into the room. It can make the room seems bigger, bright, and clean. Besides that, this color is so flexible too also and it is possible to be combined with the modern style, minimalist, design or might be on the classical theme. I believe those reasons have finally made the designer of this white luxury apartment in Tel Aviv chooses it as the main color. Just take a look closer and you will understand who wonderful it is.

The TLV Apartments3 is created by Gamma Arc Group. You can find this awesome apartment in the top of the building because it is located on the 22nd floor. You can just imagine the wonderful city view with its awesome lamp in the night on there. This apartment is big enough for you because it has 150 square meters of size. The overall interior design is using the modern arrangement combined with the white colors in the wall, all result a very awesome and wonderful look. The white is not only used in the walls, but in the roof too. So, the white is totally filling the space.

Then, it all is combined with the wood accent in the floor that can bring the warmness into the space. The wood accents in the floor seems awesome to be mixed with the blue rug in the living room. It can bring the vintage look between the modernity and modern style of the room. You will also find the modern accents on the big windows that will serve you the awesome scenery around it. Combined with the modern furniture that mostly uses black and dark colors, everything you can get from this place is the luxury. So, do you like this white luxury apartment with art exhibits?

Breezy Space White Luxury Apartment

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