White Urban Apartment With The Simplicity of Japan

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Amsterdam Weirdest Urban Apartments Building

Talking about urban apartment, your mind will run into a modern home with the minimalist concept. This urban apartment décor also comes with the same theme. Actually, this apartment is so striking from the other building around it because this urban apartment above communal courtyard.

This unique apartment is taking place in the Japan and created by ON design partners and in Kanagawa, Japan. The uniqueness of this building can we get because of the unique concept with the combination of public and private living in the same time. This place has four lofts with their own view. This place also has a gathering area inside it with the outdoor yard.

The overall design of this area is painted in white color with the modern arrangement. You can see that all part here is white with the small accent from the plant and soft brown color from the floor. Some of the floor is created from wood element that can give the warmness to the room that filled with the cold atmosphere from the white color.
The first and second floor of this apartment is related to the small white stairs. The first floor is used as an area for gathering, cooking, and many more. The lounge also takes place on the first floor. I can say that first floor is a public area. Going on the second floor, you will find the private area where the owner can sleep or working. These places on the second floor is created with the privacy. The zone on the second floor is so personal. With the four lofts where you can get the fresh air from the surroundings.

I really like it because the design of this place is so artistic. The creator here can successfully build this place with the simplicity. This place is the real reflection of the urban lifestyle of the Japanese citizen.

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