Wonderful Applications of Color Scheme on Modern Home Interior Design

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Bright And Neutral Color Scheme Of Interior Bedroom With Comfy Lounge In Front Of Warm And Comfy Bed Also Pillow With Lovely Headboard With Warm Run On Wooden Floor Also Chandelier

Interesting interior decoration can be created with many ways. You can start from furniture selection, textured material, lighting, or color scheme. Color scheme can create an interesting theme on home interior design. We have some examples for you about this color scheme decoration for your inspiration. This example is practical, so you can apply it at your own house. We also provide some photos of the example for you to get more understanding in the design.

A spacious living room with modern sofa and chair is the first design to explore. The living room accommodates comfy white sofa with pillows that is placed on wooden sleek floor. This sofa is set to face the floor to ceiling windows glass with black frame and much natural light. It makes a perfect place to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view. Red chairs in elegant design also available on the room and is combined with white standing floor lamp behind it. Light brown rug with black frame under the white oval coffee table makes a nice focal point on the room. The room shows a really harmony color scheme.

An elegant kitchen interior shows another interesting color scheme to explore. The kitchen is designed with dark gray cabinet and light gray wall. The cabinet is made of wooden material and is combined with sleek stainless steel tools. White top surface of the cabinet also makes an interesting color scheme to the interior. Integrated lighting on the white backsplash gives another interesting visual look on the kitchen. White elegant barstool in front of the table extension gives elegant touch to the room design. This kitchen shows how color scheme can create certain on interior design.

A bathroom with glossy surface and pink-black color scheme shows another gorgeous of decoration. The bathroom is decorated with pink tiles floor in glossy surface and also pink backsplash. The backsplash is of the white cabinet of the bathroom that provides bowl sink with stainless steel faucet under the pendant lamp. Glass shower place also decorates the bathroom with beautiful wall mural as the backdrop. Black wall on the side of the shower place in glossy surface makes an interesting combination with the design. It is really a lavish color scheme decoration, isn’t it?

Briogt And Spacious Color Scheme With Modern Sofa And Pillow Also Red Chair Also Warm Rug And Oval Table Also Floor Lamp Facing To To The Floor To Ceiling Windows Glass With Black Frame And Much Light

Brown Bedroom Color Scheme With Warm Bedding And Different Size Pillow Also High Wooden Headboard With Interesting Pattern Of Rug On Wooden Floor With Brown Side Board And Framed Windows Above It

Elegant Color Scheme Of Spacious Living Room With High Ceiling And Modern Whte Sofa Also Armchair With Long Stainless Steel Chimney Of The Modern Fire Place On Wooden Textured Floor Also Glass Table

Elegant Gray Color Scheme Of Contemporary Kitchen With Long Cabinet In Gray Color With White Top Surface Also Elegant Barstool In Front Of The Table Extension On White Tiles Floor Also Bright Windows

Gray And White Color Scheme Of A Lounging Room With Comfy Lounge And Gray Furry Rug On White Glossy Floor With White Cabinet And Warm Lighting Also Flouting Shelves With Large Windows

Gallery of Wonderful Applications of Color Scheme on Modern Home Interior Design
briogt and spacious color scheme with modern sofa and pillow also red chair also warm rug and oval table also floor lamp facing to to the floor to ceiling windows glass with black frame and much light
bright and neutral color scheme of interior bedroom with comfy lounge in front of warm and comfy bed also pillow with lovely headboard with warm run on wooden floor also chandelier
gray furry rug of bright color scheme room interior with white sofa and strip pillow also woden cabinet and flat screen tv in front of wide windows glass with white frame and bright natural light
brown bedroom color scheme with warm bedding and different size pillow also high wooden headboard with interesting pattern of rug on wooden floor with brown side board and framed windows above it
warm bedroom with interesting color scheme and warm rug also pendant lamps above the headboard with oval mirror on white floor above the brown cabinet and large green planters
elegant gray color scheme of contemporary kitchen with long cabinet in gray color with white top surface also elegant barstool in front of the table extension on white tiles floor also bright windows
pink and black color scheme of bathroom with white cabinet and bowl sink also stainless steel faucet and rounded mat on pink tiles floor and glass shower place with beautiful wall mural as the backdrop
elegant color scheme of spacious living room with high ceiling and modern whte sofa also armchair with long stainless steel chimney of the modern fire place on wooden textured floor also glass table
gray and white color scheme of a lounging room with comfy lounge and gray furry rug on white glossy floor with white cabinet and warm lighting also flouting shelves with large windows
red and white color scheme of modern contemporary kitchen with red rectangular island also cabinet and white backsplash with many shelves above it and storage in glossy red glass door

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