Wonderful Bathroom Design from Across The World

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American Themed Mural Bathroom Design

There are so many things that we can explore in architecture. One of them is culture. It will be so interesting if this theme is chosen. Why? Because many people out there are coming from different places with the different cultures. It means there are so many design and great project that will be created based on their culture and region of the creator. And, these bathroom from across the world and represent their culture.

Firstly, the Greek comes with its modern bathroom. The bathroom is created with the perfect combination between the white and brown. The Greek taste is coming from the hanging picture on the wall. It seems perfect to be combined with the bricks. Very beautiful. The Moroccan bathroom brings another taste. The purple bathroom seems awesome and luxurious. I really like the full color tiles that can give a wonderful pattern to the bathroom. The purple curtain also makes this bathroom comes more Moroccan.

The Tuscan bathroom comes with the brown wood element and white accent in the bathtub. And, the Japanese comes with the spacious and airy bathroom. This bathroom seems so comfortable with the combination between white walls and the stone element under it. You will find the silver materials with the traditional accent inside the modern bathroom from China. It is very modern and luxurious without remove the Chinese touch. Then, let’s move to see the Arabian bathroom. Created with the luxurious accent, this bathroom comes with the golden theme. Very luxurious and it seems like a royal bathroom. The circle bathtub seems so gorgeous to be combined with the poles around it. That is a wonderful main point of the bathroom from across the world.

In the other side, the Scandinavian bathroom brings its simplicity. Very simple with the white color and the black tiles on the floor. So suitable for the home with the small space. The Russian bathroom comes with the tilea with the soft brown color. Very classy and luxurious. So, have you find some inspirations from these world bathroom accessories?

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