Wonderful Corner Bathtub Designs for Modern Appearance

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Corner Bathtub Design

Bathroom seems like a never ending topic to be discussed. So many amazing design that can help you get the inspiration about making a perfect bathroom for your home. And, here I’m coming with the corner bathtub designs that might be will help you give any ideas to make your own bathroom in your home. The modern theme is still taking control right? That is why I choose to bring you these spectacular bathroom design. These designs are coming from Teuco. Here, I believe it will give you anything you want about a comfortable modern bathroom.

There are two model that I have brought to you. The first one is the Tub-shower Combination that created by Fabio Lenci. This bathroom design is different with the other product. If you always find this project is divided on two pieces, here the shower that rounded by the glass walls is united with a super cozy bathtub with the modern design. All of them are coming with the modern style with the elegant shape. So, you are able to see the water on the bathtub from the wall of the shower. Added with the modern tap that created in metal material, this corner bathtub designs project can show well the modernity that it has.

The next is Corner Whirlpool. This corner bathtub designs is created with the unique design. It shape is like the quarter of the circle. This is very suitable to be placed in the corner of your space. This product is very suitable for a small bathroom because of the compact size. Seriously, it doesn’t need a big space. The design of this bathtub makes it possible to be used for the kids, adult, even the elderly. Available in white color and glass material, these corner bathtub designs for contemporary bathroom.

Corner Bathtub Designs

Corner Bathtub Designs For Contemporary Bathroom

Corner Bathtub Faucets Control

Corner Bathtub For Contemporary Bathroom

Corner Bathtub With Details

Gallery of Wonderful Corner Bathtub Designs for Modern Appearance


  1. Lisa Xinos

    I am very interested in the corner bathtubs you have in the first two pictures. Can you contact with with more information. Thank you!

  2. Marsha

    Are these Teuco shower and tub combos or something similar available in the Unite States?

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