Wonderful Shelving Units with The Wood Pattern

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4d Concepts Wall Mounted Corner Shelving Units Design

Who says that shelve is boring. If you think that shelve is always a single box with the old fashioned look, I will say that you are totally wrong. There are many things can happen in this century. The designers out there try to make this boring stuff comes interesting and not only act as a storage space, but also as a decorating detail for the space. Many of shelf come with the interesting model and style covered with the bright and chic color. Some of them also come with the unique shape. Just like this shelving units, I believe it will change your opinion about the shelf soon.

This interesting shelving unit is a new creation from the smart designers of The Fundamental Shop. They don’t only make this shelving units with the unique design, but with the unique name too. Welcome to see the shelves that named as A Few Of My Favorite Things. This shelving unit is created with the uncommon and interesting concept. These shelves are created from the wood material in the natural brown color. The unique design of this wood shelves make it seem like a shelving unit with the 3D look. It can be arranged vertically in the corner of the wall or used separately. It’s all based on your need and taste.

This shelving unit is created with the natural pattern of the wood. The even it is so simple, but the pattern of the wood can be a wonderful accent to this shelving units. This shelving units can bring the interesting look to the space with the structure. It can fill the corner well and serve a wonderful space to show and display your stuff. Even actually I think this shelving unit will catch the attention of your guest more than the thing you display does. So, when will you place this wooden small shelving units on the wall?

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