Wood Russian Home Architecture with Old Taste

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Modern Residence With Intriguing Wooden Features

Everyting can be a good source of inspiration for the designer to create a new wonderful project. Nature, environment, even history, everything is possible to inspire you. And, every designer has their own way to adapt those themes into a wonderful project. Well, today we will share you a pretty home with the history inspiration. This home is very interesting with the Soviet era style that brings the old building took with the unique appearance. I guess the designer can perfectly represent the old Russian home architecture into these wonderful wood home.

The Volga house is created y a talented Russian designer, Peter Kostelov. Takes place in the Konakovsky District, Tverskaya region, Russia, this home can catch your attention easily with its wonderful design. This home is created with the old Soviet era style, but arranged with the modern touch. The wood as the main element of this house that can be found in many sides of this home including in the exterior design. The exterior design seems still seems modern even it is mostly created in dark wood. Featured the horizontal and vertical lines, all of them can bring the uniqueness into this square home. Very original, but the old taste still appear well.

The interior design is so warm. Just like what I said, the wood is the main material in every spot in this home including in the interior design. The wood is used in the wall, floor, even in the roof. Every place is mostly created in brown color with the wood as the main element. Another color combination that you can get here is the warm combination between brown and white. Even so, some sides of this home use the modern furniture that has helped us bring the modernity into this wood house. Very awesome and I believe you think the same about this modern residence with intriguing wooden features.

Russian Home Architecture Design

Russian Home Architecture Front View

Russian Home Architecture Living Room

Russian Home Architecture Side View

Russian Home Architecture Volga

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