Wooden Contemporary Furniture as Modern Additional Utilities

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Black Brown Dining Room Decor Contemporary Wooden Furniture Design

The furniture that you place on your home will bring a big impact to the overall look of the space. That’s important for you because if you make a mistake about choosing the furniture, the space will be looked worse than what you expect. For the modern home, the contemporary theme can be a good option. The simplicity on both of those themes are suitable and can support each other. The contemporary furniture doesn’t only about the grey furniture with metal accent. The wooden contemporary furniture can also bring the modernity that you need in your modern space.

Here, we have the wood furniture with the modern theme. They are created by Team7, a corporation from Austria. Their products are created from the hardwood to get the strong construction. They use the simple form and neutral wood color here. The natural color and pattern of the wood on the furniture can make this furniture comes so trendy and elegant. The Team7 has changed the wood material into the stylish dining table set, table, shelves, media center, etc. Some of this furniture are created from 100% wood material, even so if you want to get something different, they also create some of their furniture with the combination of metal accent.

Those furniture seems perfect to be placed in the modern or minimalist space. You can also use some additional decorating details such as the simple hanging lamp or might be with some additional element such as hanging accessories in the wall. The carpet can be another option. The simple carpet seems perfect to be placed under the seat. The combination of media center, shelves, and seat that all is created from wood material will help you bring the dynamic look with the atmosphere of urban lifestyle into the space. In the end, I am truly falling in love with this contemporary wooden furniture design.

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